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Get Ready, Get Set… Nde’ Cultural Survival in the Lower Rio Grande

El Calaboz, Lower Rio Grande Valley, TXDecember 18, 2009A year ago… the hostile enforcement policies of the US DHS/Secure Border Initiative against ancient border communities came to the foreground in landmark struggles on the Texas-Mexico border. The construction of the border wall through the middle of ancient, Rio Grande communities, forced Eloisa Garcia Tamez, (Lipan … Continue reading

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Join Apache Activists in Berkeley, California! August 28, 2008, 3 p.m.

Berkeley NO WALL! Reception for Apache Activists Fighting U.S. DHS in the MX-US Border Wall Conflict. Click on image (left) to enlarge and get the details of the event. Continue reading

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Lipan Apache Women Defense/Strength–Gain 8 Signatories to Monday’s Statement

Final Approved Statement by Lipan Apache Women Defense/Strength to the UN Special Rapporteurs: Joint Statement to United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues: Seventh Session APRIL 21 – MAY 2, 2008, United Nations Headquarters, New York Intervention under Agenda Item 5-Human Rights: Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights and fundamental … Continue reading

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Lipan Apache Women–Defense/Strength Accepted as an Indigenous People’s Organization of the UNPFII

Lebaiye Nde’ hi’ke Nnee Isdzan Shimaa Shinii’ — Lipan Apache Women (LAW) Defense/Strength is an official IPO of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues 7th Session, April 21- May 2, 2008. Official representatives for the IPO are Michael Paul Hill (San Carlos Apache/Chiricahua Nnee’) and Michelle Cook (Dine’). This year’s UNPFII will be … Continue reading