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Aboriginal Title, Indigenous Proprietary Title, and Nde’ Inherent Right to Self-Governance

A Underlying Issue Still Contested from Indigenous Perspectives: Neither the U.S. nor Texas Had Rights to Extinguish Aboriginal Title of Southern Lipan Apaches of South Texas & LRGV While many indigenous peoples have contested the final decisions of the infamous Indian Claims Commission, few if any have ever set forth an analysis ourselves of the … Continue reading

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All We Need … A Few Sparks…

Texas landowners win small victory on border fence By CHRISTOPHER SHERMAN Associated Press Writer © 2008 The Associated PressDec. 18, 2008, 6:24PM McALLEN, Texas — Dozens of South Texas landowners whose land is being condemned for the border fence scored a victory when a federal judge ordered that juries will decide the value of their … Continue reading

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More Soldiers (Troops) On the Ground Is a Threat to Nde’ Way of Life

(Photo: PBS) (Film still: Kieren Fitzgerald) (Photo: Margo Tamez) (Photo: Austin American Statesman) Yuma, Arizona News Reveals Suspicion, Napolitano Could Send More Troops to Border Indigneous Nde’ people of the Lower Rio Grande Valley are threatened by increased militarization of our home communities, rancherias, farmlands, stock areas, water, riparian wetlands, and sacred sites. Nde’ and … Continue reading