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Today, December 12, 2008 Is Our One Year Anniversary

On December 11, 2007, my mother Eloisa Garcia Tamez, called me to tell me that she had received a vision, an answer to her prayers for help from the Holy Mother to stop the construction of the border wall and the United States use of colonial instruments to steal Indigenous lands and to quash Indigenous … Continue reading

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More Soldiers (Troops) On the Ground Is a Threat to Nde’ Way of Life

(Photo: PBS) (Film still: Kieren Fitzgerald) (Photo: Margo Tamez) (Photo: Austin American Statesman) Yuma, Arizona News Reveals Suspicion, Napolitano Could Send More Troops to Border Indigneous Nde’ people of the Lower Rio Grande Valley are threatened by increased militarization of our home communities, rancherias, farmlands, stock areas, water, riparian wetlands, and sacred sites. Nde’ and … Continue reading