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SELF RULE FOR NAALAKKERSUISUT–(formerly known as Greenland)

Some of Greenland’s 58,000 people in Nuuk on Sunday at a ceremony giving the country powers of self-governance. Photo: Narayan Mahon for The New York Times New York Times, By Sarah Lyall, June 21, 2009Fondly, Greenland Loosens Danish Rule Excerpt:“The move, which allows Greenland to gradually take responsibility over areas like criminal justice and oil … Continue reading

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Indigenous Peoples and Delegates Reject "REDD–Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation" as a Violation to Human and Indigenous Rights

From REDD Monitor[Photo Credit: Ben Powless] Indigenous Peoples reject carbon trading and forest offsets By Chris Lang, 4th May 2009 From 20-24 April 2009, almost 400 Indigenous representatives met in Anchorage, Alaska for the Indigenous Peoples’ Global Summit on Climate Change. After four days of meetings, they produced “The Anchorage Declaration“, which was agreed by … Continue reading