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Restoring Lipan Apache Women’s Laws, Lands, and Strength in El Calaboz Rancheria at the Texas-Mexico Border

Published in Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 2010, vol. 35, no. 3, The University of Chicago.Comparative Perspectives Symposium: Indigenous Feminisms Abstract: Ndé gową goshjaa (Lipan Apache families or clan relations) produce a significant portion of indigenous alliances and resistances to imperialism, colonization, industrialization, and militarization in the Lower Rio Grande Valley in … Continue reading

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Indigenous Elders Singled Out for New Round of Federal Condemnations on Texas-Mexico Border

January 5, 2010 Contacts:Eloisa García Támez: Eloisa.Tamez1@gmail.comMargo Tamez, For Immediate Release Lipan Apaches, Támez-Benavidez Stronghold on Texas-Mexico BorderSingled Out for New Round of Federal Condemnations Feds Want More Land to Put ‘Holes’ in Border Wall for Commercial Users: Native American & Traditional Peoples’ Lands Targeted for Surveys Recently, a communication from a spokesperson from … Continue reading

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BORDER WALL UPDATE: ‘Compensation’: The hearings for ‘compensation’ for landowners along the last 70 miles of the Texas-Tamaulipas border have been delayed for the third time. Although we do not have the specific date, we have been told by attorneys, and some have only found out through the scanty news reportage, that hearings will be … Continue reading

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Dr. Eloisa Garcia Tamez separated from ancestral lands by the mega-project border wall constructed by the United States against the firm protests of the Nde’ of El Calaboz Rancheria and from related Nde’ across the United States. University of Wisconsin Law School, Legal Studies Research Paper Series, Paper No. 1068, January 2009, Daniel Ibsen Morales … Continue reading

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Your support is very important to the critical examination of the U.S. law system as it pertains to indigenous peoples whose customary and traditional lands are within the U.S. political boundaries, and at U.S. international borders. Thanks to all who have been holding vigils for the Benavidez and Tamez extended clans on the El Calaboz … Continue reading

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Judge Hanen Orders Condemnation and Possession of Indigenous Lands; Tamez Family Continues Fight for Lands & Ancestral Sites

“I am captive in my own land,” Eloisa Tamez tells audience of researchers, scholars and indigenous peoples at Western Social Sciences Association 51st Annual Conference, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, April 16, 2009. Eloisa Tamez, at the Albuquerque Peace & Justice Center, hours after hearing the news that the U.S. (Obama Administration) will take possession of … Continue reading

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Eloisa Garcia Tamez signs banner of the people’s protests that will travel to Washington D.C. with citizen delegation this week. UNIDOS CONTRA EL MURO~UNITED AGAINST THE WALL LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE Friday, March 13, 2009Delegation to DC CASA members continue united against the border wall, and during spring break, CASEROS will embark in a trip to … Continue reading