border fence / border fence /wall / Border Patrol / border security / border wall

¿Qué Pasa?

While driving to the south side of the border wall to visit her ancestral land (under Aboriginal rights, title, conventions, and treaty), Eloisa Garcia Tamez accidentally stumbles upon a private meeting between government and private contractors. The topic: a massive security-prison and pass-code style ‘gate’ that will further impede Indigenous land-owners from full and unfettered access to their lands on the south side of the wall. Tamez confronts the meeting holders, establishes that this meeting occurred without her Free Prior and Informed Consent, and then proceeds to confront two Customs Border Patrol officers who are casually observing the entire incident just yards away.

February 19, 2013, El Calaboz, Texas

Question: Why is the government installing a massive, gulag-style, mega-industrial ‘gate’ across the lands of Indigenous land owners in El Calaboz, but just down the road in the River Bend Resort no wall or ‘gate’ is deemed necessary to uphold the ‘war on terrorism’?

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