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An Open Letter to ‘Occupy Wall Street’: A Shawnee-Lenape Perspective

    An Open Letter to ‘Occupy Wall Street’: A Lenape Perspective10 October 2011 by Steven Newcomb Greetings on Colonization Day, I begin by prayerfully remembering our free and independent ancestors, the Lenape and all the Original Nations and Peoples of this vast TurtleIsland(Mother Earth), and of the entire Western Hemisphere from the Arctic Circle … Continue reading

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A Key Destination of Tar Sands Oil?… Texas-Mexico Border. Do Tell.

After watching the full testimonies held at the U.S. State Department on the issue of whether the U.S. should permit TransCanada Corporation to construct and operate a pipeline for transporting lethal oil from the Alberta Tar Sands, situated in the Traditional Territory of the Dene, I am even more alarmed about deep knowledge gaps and … Continue reading