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12 Methods Used to Deny ‘Lipan Apache’ Genocide in Texas and to Regulate Nde’ Struggles to the Normative Discourse of ‘the Past’ & ‘Extinction’

REVIEW the 12 Methods of Denying Genocide Read; Read; Read; Consider critical analysis for further consideration of indigenous self-determination movements, settler colonialism, Nde’ struggles for self-recognition, self-governance and self-determination. Continue reading

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Nde’ Mothers’ Voices Against the Wall ~~ A Prayer

(These photos are from the Naiiees Ceremony. Tamez Family and Nde’ Photos and are Not for Distribution Without Express Consent from the Family Members, Thank you!). Dear Friends;I send you all a prayer and a wish for your unending grace, growth, empowerment, loving paths, kindnesses, and safety today. I suddenly felt a huge wave of … Continue reading

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Evictions and Condemnations for the Poor and Brown, Special Status for Historical Slave Owner Property Owners

My mother, Eloisa Garcia Tamez,  is sending this message.  She does not have access to the internet in El Calaboz, and so sends this message to supporters.  I add my own comments at the end. Eloisa G. Tamez (EGT) Margo Tamez (MT)   (MT): Following up on the story this morning about the plantation owner … Continue reading

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Valley Morning Star: U.S. DHS Makes Unusual Single Concession on Border Wall for Old Nye Plantation Property Border fence OK, but not in my house Comments 0 | Recommend 0 November 1, 2008 – 10:01AM CHRISTOPHER SHERMAN/The Associated Press BROWNSVILLE – Dorothy Irwin is one of the Border Patrol's staunchest local supporters and was a fan of the proposed border fence – until she found out it would run right … Continue reading